The recipes

We cook Bean-to-bar chocolate according to the 19th century technology with the help of the instruments used today.

We use only carefully selected organic ingredients: fresh cocoa beans of high quality, cane Brazilian sugar and exquisite spices. Every time we create unique chocolate by combining different varieties of beans, roasting them to the different extents possible and adding some spices, so that its versatility of flavours and tastes can impress and amaze even the gourmand.

Extensive experience has been gained during the existence of the workshop and this experience has formed our products: craft chocolate, craft marzipan, truffles with various fillings, chocolate and hazelnut chocolate paste, cocoa beans covered with chocolate, hot chocolate mixture.

Our technology is a simple but also a laborious one. Beans and sugar are rubbed together in melanger-mill with stone bottom and granite wheels from 48 to 72 hours. Milling is done at the same time with conching which is a process of stirring a heated mass during a long period of time. Such a process guarantees a better taste disclosing and lets us create unique varieties of chocolate. Due to the usage of granite wheels chocolate preserves the maximum of healthy features of cocoa beans while overheating and presence of metal in chocolate are excluded.

No preservatives, flavour enhancers or any synthetic additives. Each cooking stage of chocolate from choosing the raw material to casting and packaging is done manually and under our chocolatiers’ control.

Creating the product based on cocoa beans, we strive to preserve the gifts which were given in abundance to cocoa tree by nature. Only the appearance of the beans and chocolate encourage you to think about something wonderful. We look after the colour and the size of beans carefully, also paying great attention to the flavours which cocoa gains during the process of roasting. The surface of chocolate becomes glossy, giving us a balanced reflection of the light after casting into moulds. The sound of elegant crunch while breaking a chocolate bar causes anticipation of an adventure.

Cocoa is an amazing plant which brings the pleasure to all your senses. A long grinding with stone wheels gives the grains of chocolate the minimal dispersion and a long conching creates a tender taste. A warm and unforgettable flavour of cocoa enchants you, calms a fussy mind and arouses your imagination. The multifaceted cocoa taste in right proportions combines tartness, bitterness, acidity, sweetness and causes a felling of calm, strength and happiness.