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The content of cocoa products
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Fat chocolate
Very viscous chocolate. It is very difficult to mold.
It is more chocolate paste than real chocolate.
Low fluidity. Chocolate can be poured into bars, used in fillings. Does not fit for cover sweets
Middling fluidity. It is convenient to cast into bars and more complex molds. It fits for filling.
High fluidity. Perfectly poured into complex molds. It fits for covering, cooking dragees.
Super flowing chocolate.
It fits for spray guns and chocolate fountains.

You will need:

cocoa-nibs*30 Kg
sugar30 Kg
cacao-butter30 Kg
Total download weight**30 Kg

* In the calculation of fat nibs is taken as 50%. Be careful, the fat content in different varieties of cocoa can vary in the range of 45% -55%

** The weight calculation includes a loss factor for an indelible residue of 1.2%.

The fat content of the product will be