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Chocolate Bean-to-bar
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Chocolate Clitoria
450 ₽ / шт.($5.12)
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Chocolate Matcha
450 ₽ / шт.($5.12)
Bean-to-bar chocolate by weight
Back in the day chocolate was sold by weight! Was it worth its weight in gold? Well, no, perhaps it was worth less. Look at our compilation of different varieties of dark chocolate. Chocolate chopped into pieces is the most interesting format for those who love chocolate in any form and want to compare different tastes.
Ingredients for chocolate Bean-to-bar
A choice of products is an important thing. We highly appreciate freshness, quality and taste of all the components of chocolate: of cocoa beans, cocoa butter and spices. Sometimes a search of an appropriate product lasts for months. We happily share our findings with you! We produce a part of the ingredients which are offered in this section ourselves. As for other ingredients, we carefully chose our suppliers.
Truffles and other desserts
The freshest sweets and goodies cooked by our confectioners are gathered in this section. They are the desserts with chocolate, almond, cream and cane sugar. We can also cook some fresh sweets with various tastes in any amount by a particular date on order. Write all your wishes in commentaries to the order.
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Classical truffle, 100 grams
750 ₽ / шт.($8.53)
Freshcacao may18 014
Organic marmalade, 200 grams
700 ₽ / шт.($7.96)
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Salted caramel truffle, 100 grams
750 ₽ / шт.($8.53)
Freshcacao0612 29
Russian cake "Young potato"
180 ₽ / шт.($2.05)
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Moulding sweets Hemisphere
750 ₽ / шт.($8.53)
Cocoa beans
There are many things here to choose from as we are trying to provide a selection of 5-6 varieties of cocoa with the most expressive and different from each other characteristics in our shop. As a rule there is one ordinary variety and some rare varieties of cocoa beans in our shop, they are ‘noble’ or more accurate to say aromatic Criollo and Trinitario. If you are interested in something special, call us!! A choice of varieties of cocoa is wider in our production.
Gift sets and corporate gifts
You can order the gift sets with chocolate, the freshest sweets, cocoa beans covered with chocolate, chocolate and hazelnut paste. Or you can create your own gift set by describing in commentaries a wish to put all the chosen products in a celebratory package. Our brand box or a box made of designer paper can be a good choice.
Chocolate box №2
1,000 ₽ / шт.($11.37)