Mission and history

We want as many people as possible to know and taste the taste of real chocolate bean-to-bar. We believe that the gifts of the cocoa tree make the world a better place! Andrei Khachaturian. Founder and CEO of the FRESH CACAO project

Who or what will most interestingly tell about the Fresh Cacao manufactory? Of course, our chocolate! Print tiles, break off a piece, inhale magical aromas real cocoa ... Fresh Cacao chocolate is one hundred percent Bean-to-bar, which means strict quality control of the product and only two ingredients: selected cocoa beans and cane sugar.   Bean-to-bar is always a feeling of the strong character of chocolate, which charges us with its energy. And our work With chocolate every day is full of vivid emotions and tasty discoveries.

Attention to chocolate Bean-to-bar is growing every year. During the work of our manufactory, we gradually learned to feel cocoa beans, to understand their taste nuances and features of growth. Our production has everything to make chocolate. First, cocoa beans themselves, we order them from twenty countries, whether it is Madagascar, Venezuela or Vietnam. For grinding chocolate grains, special mills are used - melangers with granite millstones. The process of making chocolate is not fast. Cocoa beans and sugar can grind up to 70 hours, but it's worth it - the taste of chocolate every minute it becomes more delicate and velvety, almost silk.

What we are guided by choosing cocoa beans? Bean-to-bar chocolate is made from noble cocoa - all over the world They are called aromatics and are divided into two groups: Criollo and Trinitario. These plants are quite capricious, however, it is in their grains that there is no excess acidity and bitterness. It is interesting to try them even raw, which is what the guests do at our master classes. In cocoa beans you can catch nut and tobacco notes. But in the finished chocolate already poured a whole gamut of its chocolate flavors. And each of them talks about his homeland - distant plantations from different countries. The best examples of chocolate bean-to-bar are presented in our Origin series.

What discoveries follow? Colombian cocoa beans Santander speak with sea salt, natural vanilla, chili, orange, cinnamon flowers. Never before have we known about the exquisite combination of dark chocolate and black tea. And we learned to cover with a thin layer of noble chocolate citrus peels and roasted nuts. Thus began the history of chocolates Fresh Cacao. We are desperate, sweet tooth, and therefore every season in our collection there are new desserts. Truffles with fresh rosemary and lavender and even with Dorblu cheese deserve special popularity.

Now the Fresh Cacao chocolate manufactory produces about 40 tons of chocolate and desserts a year. However, we still follow the traditions chocolate bean-to-bar. We select and clean cocoa beans ourselves, invent recipes, create handmade chocolates and break our heads for months with new packages. There are more people in our team, as well as tasks. The brand boutique Fresh Cacao was opened in the Danilovsky market, several shops are scattered around Moscow. Fresh Cacao chocolate can be ordered any day from the online store www.freshcacao.ru.

And, most importantly, we do not cease to learn and be surprised chocolate craftsmanship. And the accumulated knowledge is ready to share with you. See you at the production of the Fresh Cacao manufactory, master classes and excursions are held weekly!

The story of Fresh Cacao develops day                                                     
after the day, stay tuned!